How are your activities set up?

- During a seated meal all of the guests play a game while eating the appetizers. Then they play a second game during the main course, and finally a third game during dessert. It is also possible to spice up the meal with only one or two games. For any meal including 3 games an out-of-the-ordinary cocktail object is offered to guests in the form of our customized Siamese glasses.

- During a cocktail party we can offer as many tables as you wish. Each table offers a specific game and can welcome 4, 6, 8 or 10 people (depending on your needs). At each table, a leader invites guests to sit down and play while eating a few bites. Each game round lasts approximately 12 minutes (this time includes the installation and explanation of game rules). At the end of each game, guests leave the table and give their seats to new guests for a new round.

Which games do you recommend?

It depends on the event, your guests, and which ambience you’d like to create. Contact us and we will suggest the games best adapted to your request.

How many people can take part in your activities?

Our activities are equally adaptable to large or small groups. There is no player limit.

Do you have a team of activity leaders?

In the Paris, Belgium, and Switzerland region we work with our own team of activity leaders. The same is true for other areas of France and abroad, though in this case it's also possible for you provide local staff to complete our team. The temporary leaders you provide would be trained briefly before the beginning of the event.

Do your games require specific types food?

No, we will adapt our games so that they’re compatible with your existing menu, allowing you to enjoy your meal without difficulty.

What is not included in your services?

Our services include the running of each table game and the objects necessary for them. Please note we do not provide the food, furniture, or tableware (plates, cups, napkins, etc.) required for our games. These components are the responsibility of the event organizer.

Where do your activities take place?

We come to the venue of your choice, both in France and abroad. In the case of our team members needing to travel to your region, you would be responsible for any travel and/or accommodation fees.

Is there a designated space where we can come to eat and play your games?

Not at the moment. We can come to the venue of your choice, or even suggest a partner restaurant if you are in or around Paris.

What are your prices?

Each event is a unique package, therefore so are our prices! Contact us for a free quote request.

Is it possible for me to organize my own event after purchasing your objects?

No. The ON NE JOUE PAS A TABLE concept and the games it offers are protected intellectual property, meaning it is forbidden to reproduce the services or activities of ON NE JOUE PAS A TABLE without the express consent of its creator, Charlotte Brocard. We thank you for respecting this restriction.


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